Managing Director
N/A Posted 1 year ago
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Industry: Financial Services
Job Description
Chartered StockBroker to To lead the Brokerage, Research, Technology and Asset Management and assist the board in developing business strategies, plans, financial and non-financial targets, and implementation of all strategic decisions for the three business lines and for the whole organisation. To support our growth, we are looking for an MD to lead our Brokerage, Research and Asset Management teams. In conjunction with the board you will formulate our strategy in these areas across Nigeria. 

Responsible to: Chairperson and Board of Directors

External relationships: NSE, SEC, NASD, FMDQ etc.

Internal relationships: The Business Development Team, Directors, Company Secretary, Compliance manager, Web Marketing and Media Consultants.

Salary: Basic Salary and Commissions, Stock Options and Bonuses

Hours: Business hours and non-business hours as demanded by the Chairperson

Location: Nigeria

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

•  Contribute to the development and refinement of Company’s vision and strategy 

•  Support the overall process of management and corporate decision-making to ensure the organization maximizes its short, medium and long-term profitability and shareholder returns

•  Liaise with other executive heads on the implementation of the company’s strategic and operational plans

•  Develop, review, and report on the business development division’s strategy, ensuring the strategic objectives are well understood and executed by the team


Management of the Overall Business Including: 

•  Impact the profitability of the company through ensuring strategic and tactical management decisions and new business development results (which entails winning new institutional clients for our broker/dealer business in equities, fixed income and issuing house work)

•  Marketing (designated contact in/outside on web marketing and strategy, help develop traffic volumes to company website and across all business and social networking platforms)

•  Attendance of major business exhibitions and events for networking and business opportunities

•  Analysis of daily newspaper and magazine publications for industry specific opportunities. Sectors include: mining, aviation, oil and gas, agriculture, power, construction etc.

•  Develop and lead the Business Development team in sourcing, managing and implementing new business opportunities

•  Ensure efficient and effective marketing, advertising and promotional planning through the Marketing department 

•  Present a budget for board approval and prudently manage resources within those budgetary guidelines according to company policy and within ethical corporate governance guidelines

•  Maintain and develop organizational culture, values and reputation in its markets and with all staff, customers, suppliers, partners and regulatory/official bodies


People Management

•  Build and lead an effective and cohesive management team 

•  Self-development and continuing personal development 


Basic Areas of Knowledge and Skills

•  Good project and time management skills 

•  Knowledge of business and management principles

•  Strong analytical/technical skills 

•  Organizational skills

•  Leadership skills

•  Ability to work collaboratively (report to me once a week for briefings)

We expect to see commitment and dedication to these objectives. The business climate is difficult and tortuous at the moment. Everyone must make sacrifices and commitments to build the business and you are not an exception. We expect professionalism (in appearance and decorum) at all times within and outside the organisation. Engage proactively with myself and the rest of the staff to find solutions and answers to problems. Constant communication and engagement with myself is key.
Licensed Broker ...with 10-15 years exp