Community Manager (Contract)
Anonymous Recruiter Posted 1 month ago
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Industry: Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Job Description

  • Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals
  • Set and implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies
  • Build relationships with customers, potential customers, industry professionals and journalists
  • Create engaging content for all platforms, including blog pieces, articles, social media posts, newsletters, and videos.
  • Handle promotion of the brand on social media as well as manage the company’s website by maintaining and updating with new content.
  • Liaise with other departments to stay updated on new marketing initiatives, product and service developments, and to ensure brand consistency.
  • Perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences
  • Set specific objectives and report on ROI
  • Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content daily (e.g. original text, photos, videos and news)
  • Monitor SEO and web traffic metrics
  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries on time and monitor customer reviews
  • Suggest and implement new features to develop brand awareness, like promotions and competitions
  • Stay up-to-date with current technologies and trends in social media, design tools and applications


  • A Degree in Communication, English, Marketing or related field may be required.
  • Experience with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube is essential.
  • Basic graphics design and video editing skills is desirable.
  • Knowledge of Hootsuite or similar programs to manage online postings on different platforms.
  •  Proficient in Google Analytics.
  • At least two years' experience managing social media platforms.
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge of marketing trends and techniques.