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questions about AtYourService

What is AtYourService about?

We are a platform that helps recruiters and employers search and find talents for full-time or part-time hire. As a talent, we match you with organizations that need the skills you have.

How does AtYourService work?

Talents simply fill out details about their skills, experience, and projects completed, and recruiters search to find them using those data points as filters.

Is the system automated?

Yes. Once your sign-up application has been approved, the search function handles the rest of your career journey. Good luck!

What does the career guide do?

It smartly suggests a few more skills you might need to acquire to become a star in your field. The job you want is tied to the skills you have and the career guide helps you get there.

Can I apply for jobs on the platform?

Yes! If a recruiter chooses to post a job rather than search for talents, you can apply for the job if you meet the requirement. All you have to do is click apply and your profile is shared with the recruiter.