At what times can I book a service?

Our freelancers are almost always available but we advise you seek out their services between 8AM - 5PM, as these are optimal work hours.

How long does it take before my service request is attended to?

Services are rendered immediately. Once you’ve spoken to the recommended freelancer of choice, they will commence immediately, unless you both agree on a later, mutually convenient time.

Can I cancel my service booking?

Yes, but we will require you to put a call across or send a text to the freelancer you initially contacted.

What is the cost per service?

We do not interfere at all in your price negotiation with the freelancer. And we do not charge any commission on service fee paid. We only connect you to reliable, trusted professionals to serve you.

How do I pay for services?

We don't interfere with payments. You are fully incharge of negotiations with the recommended artisan, and will decide what payment option works best for you both.

Are your freelancers trustworthy and properly vetted?

Yes! The process of signing up anyone to offer their services via our platform is a thorough one. We not only interview each freelancer before signing them up, we also require them to provide credentials that authenticate their claims. In addition, we provide them with trainings to improve the quality of service they provide - focusing majorly on hygiene, customer service and work ethics.

If I dislike the service rendered what do I do?

We provide an option for you to rate our freelancers and provide some feedback on their work. We really appreciate honest feedback as it informs the kind of training we will design for our freelancers. Also, defaulting freelancers are duly penalized.